Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hoping to Adopt?

Did you know we offer a 15% off adoption blog discount to those in need of an adoption blog to help spread the word about their hopes to adopt? Adoption blogs are a great way to share more information about your family than you can normally post on agency adoption profiles and can be a great way to better showcase who you are and why you'd make great parents!

I just got done creating an adoption blog for my little family because we are hoping to adopt again! We were blessed with our first little boy 3 1/2 years ago through adoption and look forward to expanding our family through adoption again. You can view an example of what an adoption blog would look like and how they work by visiting our adoption blog here or by clicking on the header below.

We also hope you will help us share our blog and our desire to adopt with anyone you may know who may be considering placing a baby for adoption.

Designer Blogs loves adoption and loves to help those who are hoping to adopt, so please spread the word about our adoption discount to those in need of adoption blogs! We'd sure love to help!

Thanks friends!



  1. Such a great cause. As an adopt adoptee I am thrilled to hear when couples are adopting. Best of luck in your journey.


  2. This is so cool. I hope God will bless your family again.