Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tutorial: Finding the old templates

Some people don't like spend all this time learning something and then they go and change it all up on you!

Anyone feel that way about the new Templates on Blogger?

 Maybe you just want your good old trusty Minima template back...

or that cute little "Dots" template.
Or maybe you FINALLY had learned a couple tricks in the html to cuten up your blog a little bit and now the new templates are totally different and you just want the old html back. Wouldn't it have been nice if they had just left the old templates where they were and added the new?

Well never fear, we are here to help! Those trusty templates ARE still there, just not nearly as obvious. Here's how to find 'em...

Now you can stop hyperventilating with all the change and go back to enjoying blogging again! :) 
(this is not to say we don't love the new templates...we just know some people have a hard time with change and we really love those old templates)

The great thing about this is that you can still use our awesome free backgrounds without a hitch. If you've played with the new template designer then tried to add one of our backgrounds you probably found it didn't work very well. So all you have to do is change your template back to Minima and your background will be good as new!

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  1. Well I was all over your blog looking for goodies for a wordpress blogger like me. I was all set to say, great blog but I couldn't use any of the features and then, all of a sudden, I noticed in the side bar cool free fonts. I'm excited, going to start adding a cool signature to my posts like you all have here. Yes, I'm a copy cat LOL Thanks for the new fonts!