Thursday, July 21, 2011

Designer Blogs Conference

{Lauren, Emily, Amy, Erin, Taylor, and Lara}

Last weekend, the six of us DB girls got together for our second annual Designer Blogs Confernence. We started the tradition last year so we could all meet in person and discuss the future of Designer Blogs.

This year we've added two new girls to the group and it was time to meet again! The DBC was a full day dedicated to refining our design techniques and developing our coding standards for Wordpress. Amy has been rocking the WP world for the past few months and we finally decided to join in the action.

Amy was a fabulous teacher. She presented a lot of information to the team and by the end of the day all our heads were spinning. However, with this new found knowledge we feel confident to take on the challenges that Wordpress brings.

The other major objective of our conference was to discuss the future of Designer Blogs. Topics of discussion included; our new look for the coming year, simplification of our site, how to make the ordering processes easier to navigate, pricing, the queue and the latest design styles.

It’s exciting to see the individual skills of each designer develop from one conference to another. We’re eager to implement all our new ideas and to watch Designer Blogs grow! Thanks to our clients and readers who make this possible!!


  1. What a great idea. Communication and evaluation of a business is so important, especially in technology. I can't imagine your business getting any better than it already is but I guess there is always room to improve. You have a great team!!!

    :-) Katy Hahn