Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tutorial: Granting Admin Privileges

Once you are 100% satisfied with the look and layout of your preview, the design process comes to an end and it is time to install the design to your live blog. Installation of your new look requires that your designer has access to your blog HTML. In order to gain this access, you have two options.

Option 1: Give your designer your user name and password.
Some people are not comfortable giving out their passwords. I am one of those people, even if it is a temporary one. So we come to option 2...

Option 2: Grant your designer temporary admin privileges.

In 5 simple steps you can give your designer temporary access to your blog HTML,
allowing them to install your fabulous new look.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
Okay.. so maybe there are 6 steps. ;)

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  1. You have such great advice here, thank you! I linked your tutorials page to my blogging post today, you've got so much good information!