Friday, March 11, 2011

Tutorial: Applying Watermark to Your Photos and other stuff!

Before we get into today's tutorial we need to have a little chat.....about browsers. You know, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari...ya dee ya dee ya da...

Most of you out there probably don't think it matters much which one you use but IT DOES! It matters SO SO SO MUCH! Each one is developed differently by different people and even though most web design rules are universal some browsers just aren't web design friendly aka INTERNET EXPLORER. IE is every web designer's NIGHTMARE (Chrome and Safari really aren't that great either)! I dare you to ask ANY blog/web designer out there how they feel about IE and I GUARANTEE they will tell you they loathe and despise it. I can't TELL YOU how many headaches IE has caused us! (Can you tell I'm really passionate about this by all the CAPS I'm using?!?!)

So...if we don't like IE, which browser do we LOVE?  FIREFOX of course! We've been able to do pretty much everything so its compatible with both browsers but things would be SO much easier if everyone would just use Firefox. Its the BEST browser out there hands down. I promise. Take my word for it.

So please, pretty please use Firefox and spread the word, maybe we can start a revolution....

DOWN with Internet Explorer! 

LONG LIVE Firefox!

Too extreme? Ok, I know...but you get the idea! :)

Oook, stepping off my soap box now and lets move on shall we? Lets talk about Photoshop a little, back in the day just the word "Photoshop" made me feel stressed. I felt like Photoshop was this fancy, "big person's" program that only professionals used and it would be sooo hard to learn. Well, it does have a certain learning curve but I'm a prime example that anyone can learn it! But it can be a little pricey and a little complicated.

And what if you just need something that does some basic, essentials from photoshop? Like maybe you need to be able to apply the fabulous watermark that we've created for you to your photos...hint, hint. ;) Well, I'm here to show you how, using this amazing site....

If you've worked with Photoshop before this program will look really familiar, its a lot like Photoshop its scary. You can even have layers and save it as a layered file to edit later (don't worry if this doesn't make sense, its just Photoshop mumbo jumbo). And the best part? Its FREE, and you don't have to download ANYTHING, its all based on the web AAAAND you don't have to sign up or login or anything, its SWEET! Lets get started!

So you've got this super great watermark that you want on your photo. Here's what you do...

Sooo cool huh?! Are you fellow photoshoppers freaking out at how much this online program is like Photoshop, just like I did?! Or is it just me? :)

Now go have fun with those watermarks! And remember... FIREFOX, FIREFOX, FIREFOX! hee hee

No for real though, FIREFOX!


  1. There is no link -

  2. Yes sorry bout that! Step 1 gives you the url but I should have done a link too...I've added a couple links above but yes its


  3. I just re loaded firefox on my mac. I had it awhile back and it wasn't any better than Safari but I'll give it a new try.

  4. I just tweeted & posted this on facebook! I HATE IE & LOVE firefox!!!

  5. @Carol T - yay! You won't regret it...most of the time it doesn't make a big difference what browser you are using but from our end you will get the best experience out of the sites you view if you are viewing them from Firefox

    @Hello!I'm Kate. - Amen sista! :)

  6. Great Post!!! I could not agree more. Firefox is a designers dream. Thanks for sharing the tio on Pixlr. It seems real easy to use. I always enjoy learning new programs. Great blog design you have here. Kudo's for an outstanding job on the content. Look forward to learning more new things from your future posts.