Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now Hiring!

Designer Blogs is looking for TWO qualified blog designers to join our fantastic team of designers.

To apply you must be comfortable designing and coding in Blogger and/or Wordpress for the majority of items listed on our pricing page here.

You can apply by sending the following information to Erin at erin@designerblogs.com.
  1. Your design background
  2. A portfolio of your work including links to blogs you've designed (please send as many as possible)
  3. Please list the items from our pricing page here you currently do not know how to do.

If I like what I see after looking over your portfolio, I will contact you with more information (please don't pester me). If I'm interested, you'll hear from me--I promise.

Please help to spread the word!


  1. I wish I knew how...anyone willing to train. I would love to do this. I love scrapbooking and love being a stay at home mom to my two little boys.


  2. Thanks for this opportunity I have emailed you. I hope you get a great turn out and find the perfect match.