Monday, August 2, 2010

Behind In Queue

For the first time in Designer Blogs history, we are behind in our queue. Yikes! We have always made such an effort to stay on top of it, but this past month has been especially busy with larger orders that unfortunately we have fallen behind. We apologize to those who's designs were scheduled for the last week of July that we have yet to begin on. We hope to start on yours shortly. We have just hired a new designer to our team that we are excited to get to introduce to you soon. With a fourth member on our design team, we should be able to move through our current orders rather quickly. We also expect it to cut down the future queue wait dramatically. Hopefully this is good news to all!

Again we apologize to those waiting in the queue, but we expect to be starting on your designs soon!



  1. Your work is well worth the wait. We girls at Bobkin are still filled with joy everytime we log onto our blog.

    Cheers Vanessa

  2. You can't rush great work! and I am sure it will be worth the wait! My blogsite is still getting great feedback and comments on how AWESOME the design and look is! so once again THANK YOU! if only i could send you cupcakes to show how much i love the job that you ladies did for me!